What is the International Puzzle Party (IPP)?

The purpose of the International Puzzle Party is to provide an annual forum for serious puzzle collectors for the exchange and sale of mechanical puzzles, books and related items, as well as for fun and fellowship. In short: puzzling fun for puzzle enthusiasts. International Puzzle Parties have been held almost every year since 1978. IPP's are usually organized in three-year cycles in the USA, the Far East, and Europe.

Attendance at any International Puzzle Party event is by personal invitation only, from the hosting team. Thus, all web sites for individual IPP's are password protected.

Invitees are requested not to disclose the location or dates of future IPPs.

International Puzzle Party Websites

Puzzle party information is password protected, available only to registered IPP invitees.

  • Puzzle Exchange History and Search
  • IPP 26 in Boston, USA; July, 2006.
  • IPP 27 in Brisbane, Australia; August 2007.
  • IPP 28 in Prague, Czech Republic; August 2008.
  • IPP 29 in San Francisco, USA; August 2009.
  • IPP 30 in Osaka and Hakone, Japan; July 2010.
  • IPP 31 in Berlin, Germany; August 2011.
  • IPP 32 in Washington DC, USA; August 2012.
  • IPP 33 in Tokyo/Narita, Japan; August 2013.
  • IPP 34 in London, England; August 2014.
  • IPP 35 in Ottawa, Canada; August 2015.
  • IPP 36 in Kyoto, Japan; August 2016.
  • IPP 37 in Paris, France; August 2017.
  • IPP 38 in San Diego, USA; August 2018.
  • IPP 39 in Kanazawa, Japan; August 2019.

Future International Puzzle Parties:

  • For information about IPP40, contact the IPP40 host.
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